Working in partnership with parents

Nursery practitioner’s work in partnership with parents to ensure the nursery meets children’s individual needs and remains a safe environment where the main consideration is for the child’s welfare. This is achieved through the nursery’s procedures, consultation with parents, and where necessary, other professionals.

The nursery consults with parents to ensure all foods and drinks are suitable and meet the needs of each child. In exceptional circumstances that are agreed with the nursery manager, parents are able to provide nutritious, wholesome foods and drink for their child. Food must be brought into the nursery in a sealed container that is clearly labelled to avoid confusion.

Alternative milk can be supplied by the parent provided the milk is brought into the nursery in the original sealed container and is pasteurized. The parent may provide the nursery with cooled boiled water in bottles along with powdered formula milk in separate containers that has been appropriately measured. Practitioners will then mix the water and formula together at the time the child requires feeding. Parents are asked to label all bottles and containers.