About Us

Mission statement

Nursery MOKSLIUKAS believes that our teachers, children, and families form important union, working together to raise each child to reach his/her fullest potential. We believe that each of us have responsibility to grow daily, love and serve others and discover and live out our purpose in life.

Nursery Moksliukas is a happy family nursery,where Christ is at the centre of all that we do in our learning and play.

Our core values are:

  • Each child is a gift from God.
  • Each child has unique abilities.
  • Each child will receive authentic love and affection.
  • Each child’s play is extended to include core academic, physical fitness, and social skills.
  • Each child will be safe from all physical and emotional harm.
  • Each child will experience diversity as a manifestation of our global community.
  • Each child will develop meaningful, lifelong relationships with classmates and teachers.
  • Each teacher appreciates his/her responsibility and challenge to help their children grow.
  • Each teacher realizes his/her own responsibility to grow and develop as individuals.
  • Each family is an important part of the child care experience.

  The aims of Nursery MOKSLIUKAS

At Nursery Moksliukas we strive to provide a safe, warm, secure and happy environment where the children can grow and learn through the play and have fun and the parents and carers can feel welcome and comfortable.

The staff team plan and provide activities for each child to develop to their own potential ensuring their individual needs are met whilst always working closely in partnership with parents and carers.

At Moksliukas we aim to develop the gifts and talents of the whole child, academically, socially and spiritually. We respect and celebrate the individuality of each child in our nursery and want every one of them to grow in God’s love and become responsible British citizen.

The objectives of our nursery

  •  To offer a high standard of quality childcare, providing security, stability and intellectual stimulation.
  •  To create a warm and friendly, happy environment where children and their families can feel welcome and relax in a homely atmosphere.
  •  To ensure that all staff, whether full or part time, are adequately qualified and experienced for the position they undertake. All staff will hold a full enhanced CRB check.
  • To provide a wide range of play and learning opportunities and experiences both indoor and out which incorporate the Early Learning Goals.
  • Promote fundamental British values in children’s everyday life.
  • To provide an opportunity to children from Lithuania (Russia, Poland) to be educated in home language and at the same time to get prepared to continue learning in English school later.
  • To underpin our Christian faith into the whole curriculum.In the Nursery to follow the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.)programme.In this they learn simple prayers and hymns and they take part in planned activities every day and celebrations at Christmas and Easter.
  • We aim to encourage the children to develop their own personalities and curiosity through making choices and promoting self-esteem. To follow the National Standards for under 5 year old and the Foundation stage Curriculum.
  • To provide 15 hours of Free Early Education for children for 3 to 4 years old and those alligible from 2 years old.
  • To have in place an effective key worker system to monitor record and plan for the children’s continued development.
  • To maintain a safe environment and encourage basic health and hygiene for all of the children.
  • To ensure the implementation of an equal opportunities policy in relation to age, race, gender, culture and disability.
  • To work in partnership with parents / carers and the staff team to create a supportive environment recognising each other’s feelings and needs, developing relationships and encouraging honesty and respect.
  • To develop close liaisons and effective communication with other agencies working together to create a good quality community service.
  •  To provide a well – balanced, interesting and varied diet catering equally for families with vegetarian or other dietary preferences.
  •  To ensure and encourage staff to take up relevant training opportunities to develop skills, broaden knowledge and to keep up to date with current practice and changing legislation.
  •  To ensure that consideration is given to families with young babies and that we work together with the parents / carers to ensure their individual needs met in full with specific regard to their dietary needs, feeding routing and sleeping routine.