The nursery understands that play is something that a child best enjoys. A child’s play has a purpose and can be a step towards the learning and understanding of valuable skills. It can help the child fit into the world physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, and grow to be a healthy and competent individual.

The nursery will endeavor to provide children with a stimulating environment, where playing and learning go hand in hand. A varied selection of activities will be provided throughout the day, using both indoor and outdoor activities.

Consideration will be taken to ensure that provision is made for children with special needs and abilities.

Messy play

A large variety of different mediums, such as shaving foam, corn flour, jelly, spaghetti and dough will be made available. These will provide different tactile and imaginative experiences and will encourage expressive language.

Sand and water

These will be made available on a regular basis. They provide opportunities to experience scientific and mathematical concepts as well as encouraging social and language development.

Creative activities

Activities such as painting, sticking, chalking and box modelling will be made regularly available. Arts and Crafts projects stimulate a child’s mind to be creative. These activities also assist in the development of fine and gross motor skills. Children also achieve a sense of pride and accomplishment through the development of projects. Our program is filled with hands-on learning activities as well as open-ended art activities. Open-ended art allows the child to explore the use of various materials and processes and enjoy what happens.

Imaginative play

The nursery recognizes the importance of imaginative play to children and will aim to provide rich opportunities to widen the imagination. These will include dolls and accessories, road maps and cars, trains, dressing up clothes and a home corner. Various different play settings will be made available. There is also a selection of construction toys which additionally encourage good hand/eye coordination, counting, sorting, etc.

Physical play

Tunnels, a ball pool, tricycles, balls, hoops, climbing apparatus, threading, cutting out, music and movement are some of the activities provided. Additionally games such as ring games, lotto and snap will encourage conversation and the learning of social skills – taking turns, sharing, winning and losing.


A variety of books is available for children to look at and read, both under supervision and alone. Children will also be read to as a group each day and encouraged to share books with their peers.

Additional equipment/IT

A CD player, television, computer and musical instruments will be available so that in addition to hearing and responding to music children will be encouraged to think about how sounds are produced. There are also many other forms of activities and equipment that the nursery would use in order to promote play with the children.


We really value opportunity to keep and cultivate children’s home language but we recognize necessity introduce children to English language. We take reasonable steps to provide opportunities for children to develop and use their home language in play and learning, supporting their language development at home. Practitioners in the Nursery also ensure that children have sufficient opportunities to learn and reach a good standard in English language.

Circle time

 Circle time provides the children with the opportunity to interact with each other as a group. During this time, we will learn calendar skills, weather skills, sing songs, play games, read stories and learn about each other. During this time, the teacher will prepare children for the day and review the letter, number, theme, and color of the week.

Letters, numbers, math and understanding the world

Children will learn to recognize, identify, and eventually write the numbers and letters. We will concentrate on one letter and number each week. During this time, many of our songs, crafts, and games will focus on the letter and number of the week. Math skills will focus on number recognition, counting, sequencing, patterns, charts, and addition. Science will consist of simple science experiments usually focused around the theme of the week.


In the Nursery we’ll take a priority to Christian religion by making prays (thanksgiving) for food, for concentrating to day activities. As well explaining and celebrating Christian festivals in nursery, such Easter and Christmas.

Birthday celebrations

Birthdays are a special time and we like to celebrate them by holding birthday parties for each child. You are welcome to bring a special snack for your child to share at nursery.