At nursery Moksliukas we know that a varied and nutritionally balanced diet is essential to every child’s development and active participation during their time at nursery and home. Meals are freshly cooked and prepared on site by our cook who holds a Level 2 qualification in Food Catering and Safety. Meals are prepared using fresh ingredients complying with all dietary and nutrition requirements. Hot and freshly prepared meals and snacks are offered for children five times a day. In addition to milk or water at meal times, drinking water is available throughout the day.

Our delicious meals and approach to meal times ensure any child’s eating habits are developed with patience, understanding and encouragement.

Our commitment and approach to your child’s learning values their participation, experimentation and decision making. Therefore, cooking and tasting, where children experiment with new textures, colours and smells as they mix, pour and measure ingredients, form part of our early childhood curriculum. Including the children in elements of food preparation gives the opportunity for discussions about healthy eating and diets.

It’s our policy not to provide any food that contains nuts to the children.

All nursery meals meet with The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) food and drink requirements.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework sets out a requirement which states:

                  ‘Where children are provided with meals, snacks and drinks, these must be healthy,
                   balanced and nutritious.’
                  ‘Fresh drinking water must be available at all times.’


We have created four weeks menu to rotate.

Sample menu for one of the weeks:

Monday Rice porridge, tea, milk

Fresh fruits, vegetables

Pickle soup, rye bread

Turkey cutlets with potatoes and vegetables

Wheat rusks with milk or tea


Curd dumplings, tea, milk

Fresh fruits, vegetables

Lamb Soup , rye bread

Cottage cheese pie

Cookies with milk


Pancakes with apples, tea/milk

Fresh fruits, vegetables

Surrel soup, rye bread

Turkey pilaf

Biscuits with milk


Thursday Five grain porrige, tea, milk

Fresh fruits, vegetables

Cabbage soup, rye bread

Chicken meatballs with buckweat

Cookies with  milk


Tuna with sweet corn sandwich, tea/milk

Fresh fruits, vegetables

Turkey soup, rye bread

Fish fingers with pasta

Mini wheat bagels with milk, tea


Download our current menu in Lithuanian to see whole menu offer at Moksliukas.


Download daily and weekly balanced nutrition calculations.