Amazing nursery my son started going in 2020 when he was only 9 months. I feel it’s the best childcare. They are doing a lot of fun and educational activities every day, I get photos and descriptions of all the learning and play they did every day. Also fresh and healthy food cooked every day and quite big garden for little one to play.

Gintare, 2023


Super kindergarten. The nannies are very caring, understanding, loving children. Already after weeks, I felt that the child’s education is very strong. One daughter finished kindergarten, we are not even thinking about where we will take the second daughter. Even now, 2 years later, we communicate with you since we were older in kindergarten. . The food is of very high quality. Children do not sleep on mattresses but have their own beds. I highly recommend it.

Beauty Magic,2023


The best part is their teachers and management, who care for the kids. Their dedication and genuine love for what they do is evident in every interaction. They help in developing a child mentally, physically, and emotionally. The good thing about this nursery is its in-house kitchen, which provides healthy, nutritious food and a garden accessible through each class for fresh air and well-being. We are glad to find a place for our little one in this nursery; it’s been over two years since our little one joined it. It’s like a second home for our little one. Without a doubt, this nursery stands out as one of the best in our locality.

Vipin , 2023

Best nursery! Everyone is very friendly and hard working. My son loves going to the nursery and always smiles when he sees his teachers (especially his bestie Florence). Nursery has a very homely atmosphere with plenty of toys and home cooked food. They speak few languages which is great. Managers are fantastic too. I would definitely recommend.

Monika, 2023


I am so impressed by all aspects of this nursery. From the management, food, teachers and caring attitude I would recommend to all my friends. My child has been going here after we had a bad experience at a different nursery but Moksliukas has been so positive that my child loves coming here. All the staff are genuinely so caring and interact with the children very well. They supported my child’s potty training and speech and he learns so much here it surprises me every day. It is a real family atmosphere with everyone so polite and friendly. Every morning I’m greeted with a friendly hello and at pick up too. The app updates are great with progress reports and photos showing the different activities the children get up to. My child enjoys it so much that whilst abroad on holiday he was still chatting about his teachers and friends. I am confident that he is getting a brilliant early years care and education.

Davi, 2023


I’ve been very impressed with the staff at Moksliukas. My son has been attending since he was around one year old (turning three in a few months). Core Care I get daily updates on nap duration, meals, and the activities he does with his classmates, with lots of photos. When I collect him, I get detailed information about how he’s been that day as well as funny things he’s done. He can have an unusually large appetite at home, and it’s comforting to see when he has a big appetite at nursery, that they offer more so that he’s not hungry. Education and Learning The staff are great and very quick to communicate any potential areas which might need to be improved long before it might become a problem. They have daily reading periods and regularly spend time learning numbers. Outdoor play is encouraged throughout all seasons (snow to heatwaves) which is great. They do a wide range of activities including crafts, drawing, painting, singing, and dance. Very supportive with potty training. Added bonus is that he’s picked up some Lithuanian and Russian words. Community There is a strong community at the nursery. It’s inspiring the amount of care and pride the teachers take in maintaining the outdoor space with growing fruit and vegetables during the summer. In the morning, you can see the teachers help with the maintenance of the outdoor play areas (sweeping leaves) which is good that the kids get to see. I’ve found it encouraged my son to help with chores around the house. There’s a conscious effort that all the staff (even if they’re not the direct carer from the child’s class) greet the children in the morning. Value for money The service they provide is outstanding and costs competitive for the area. Overall very happy and highly recommend it.

Fabian Dancer, 2023



It is a fantastic nursery, the staff are so warm and caring. My son loves his teacher even more than he loves me. He just lights up when he sees her and that makes leaving him every morning a little bit easier. I know he’s in good hands and is happy. They eat home-cooked meals prepared on site, the teachers follow my instructions and sleep schedule as requested. He’s always nappy changed, clean, dry, and happy. And I get to see lots of pictures of him playing happily every week on the app.

Galina Kaflova, 2023



Thank you all Nursery Moksliukas staff!

For taking care of me while I play,

For all things that I learn like being fair and taking turns,

For the time you spend teaching ABC’s, wiping tears for skinned knees,

For knowing a hug is what I need, with storytime and books read,

For the tenderness, you impart teaching songs I love to sing, as we all hold hands in a friendship ring,

For being there when Mummy can’t be,

For making each day a SPECIAL FOR ME!

Eden 2019


Kiekvienos mamos rūpestis – saugus ir laimingas jos vaikas.

Atiduodama į jūsų rankas savo dukrytę,buvau rami ir užtikrinta ,kas gali būti svarbiau…

Ačiū Jums labai už Jūsų laiką ,meilę ,rūpestį, globą,supratimą bei gerumą.

Labai džiaugiuosi ,kad mano vaikas savo pirmąjį žinių bagažą pasiėmė pas jus – Moksliuke.

Su meile – Aurytės mama   2016

Norėtume palinkėti visiems darželio darbuotojams sveikatos, ištvermės ir stiprybės rūpinantis mūsų vaikais.

Te nepavargsta Jūsų širdys ir rankos, dalinkite saulę tokią didelę ir šviesią kiekvienam polygiai į mažą delniuką

Dėkojame už Jūsų širdies gerumą, gebėjimą kasdien atrasti kažką nepaprasto ir įdomaus ir tuo nepaprastumu sudominti vaikus.

Linkime Jums stiprybės, kantrybės, profesinio pasididžiavimo ir gražių siekių.

Ir toliau skleiskite šilumą, gėrį, jaukumą, neškite išminties žiburį savo kely.

Nuoširdus ACIŪ nuo Aurėjos ir jos tėvelių  12/2015


…” Esame be galo dėkingi už švelnumą, paguodos žodį, rūpestį, atsidavimą, supratimą ir už daug daug šypsenų, kurias teko matyti kiekvieną dieną. Esame laimingi, kad pirmoji mūsų vaikučių pažintis su darželiu buvo būtent čia, pas Jus ir su Jumis. Tik Jūsų dėka vaikai išmoko pirmąsias daineles ir šokius, bendravimo subtilybių, tapo savarankiškesniais.

Negalime pamiršti Jūsų gerumo ir kantrybės, kai vaikučius migdėte supuodamos ant rankų, kai maitinote, nešiojote lauke, glaudėte prie krūtinės, kai verkė mamytės ar buvo išsigandę…”

                                                                                                                                                Jums dėkoja Nedukas, Nojukas ir Emiliukas.  07/09/2012

“Mūsų brangus ir mylimas “Moksliuk”, mes labai džiaugiamės, kad turėjome galimybę tave pažinti, dar labiau, kad buvome su Tavim. Ir visai nesidžiaugiame, kad turime pasakyti tau sudie.

Ačiū jūms už tai, kad išmokėte  mus labai daug ko, kad  mus užauginote!!!

Tu, “Moksliuk”, visada liksi mūsų širdelėse.”

Su meile nuo Rokučio ir Laurutės.  vasara, 2012