We believe that children are active learners from birth and that if we provide them with the right environment, support and experiences, it will help to encourage their curiosity, imagination and creativity. We also need to ensure that we stimulate each child emotionally and intellectually by providing the best circumstances to promote active learning.

We have designed our nursery environments to be cosy and exciting and they are structured in such a way as to promote a child’s independence, decision-making and problem solving.

The environment is organised into clearly defined areas to accommodate different activities appropriate to the development and competence of the children. Areas are divided by the use of low level shelving that reduces distraction and allows children to become engrossed in their activities.

Low level shelving also allows items to be displayed within reach so that children can make deliberate choices about what they want to use in their activities. They have access to a range of materials such as sand, water and paint which helps their creativity and develops their independence. Equal emphasis is placed on calm areas of the nursery where the children can feel cosy and enjoy stories, rhymes and songs. Wooden toys, materials which encourage children to discover solutions for themselves, and mirrors enhance tactile and visual stimulation. Every environment is designed to encourage physical skills such as crawling, sitting, standing and walking which are all important for development.

We use specialist play equipment that has been designed to invite exploration and specially selected for quality and play value. This ensures that whatever your child chooses to play with, their learning and development will be supported and extended.

The babies in our care are introduced to discovery play through treasure baskets that contain a mixture of natural materials that vary in feel and texture, and offer a sensory experience for heuristic play.

During Covid-19 outbreak, we ensure:

  • Children are separated into smaller groups (bubbles) which are socially distanced from other setting bubbles and staying in the same small group during the day.
  • Practitioners and nursery assistants are assigned to each group and stay the same during the day.
  • Outdoor spaces are used as part of the learning environment as frequently as possible (at least once per day) – although setting grounds will be used on a rota basis and children from one group will return to their bubble before the next group leaves for any outside space.
  • Shared resources, outside equipment are limited, cleaned and disinfected more frequently.
  • Children will wash their hands each time they enter their bubble base – following the 20 second guidance
  • The sufficient hand washing facilities are available.
  • Good respiratory hygiene to be promoted through ‘catch it-bin it-kill it’.
  • Items brought from home (toys etc) are not permitted to be brought into the nursery.
  • Children will eat all meals and snacks in their bubble base. They will clean hands before eating and two small groups from the same bubble are kept apart as much as possible and tables are cleaned between each group.
  • Toilets are not crowded by limiting the number of children as much as possible- 4 children in one time.
  • Distance of beds/cots is facilitated wherever possible.