Special Educational Needs

The nursery’s philosophy

We aim to provide all children with a broad and balanced learning environment that is committed to the integration of children with special needs. Our philosophy is that all children ‘with or without special needs’ should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential alongside other children in an educational environment.

We aim to provide a learning environment suitable for all children, including those with special needs. To do this the nursery follows the guidelines listed below which have been set in conjunction with the Early Years Development Partnership.


All our planning for activities and play takes full account of the Early Years Goals. Each child’s ability is taken into account when planning and carrying out any activities, making sure each child’s individual needs are met.

Each child is appointed a Key Worker who is responsible for the induction and monitoring of that child’s progress. The Key Worker will regularly report to parents/carers.

Developing a positive partnership with parents

Within any nursery or school a good working relationship with parents is paramount to the education and development of every child. We welcome a parent’s guidance and knowledge, because they know their child best.

We would like parents to know that they are always welcome in the Nursery either to help out or to discuss any concerns they might have. Arrangements can be made for private discussions at a mutually convenient time.

If any Nominated Person has any concerns about a child in our care they will always meet with the child’s parents privately to discuss any action that may need to be taken.

Our Nursery setting welcomes the opportunity for both, parents and children, to come for visits prior to starting the nursery and to discuss ways in which the Nursery can meet the child’s individual Special Educational Needs. It will also make the child’s integration into the Nursery less frightening for the child.

Staff training

Whenever the opportunity arises as many of our staff as possible attend different courses to broaden their knowledge on Special Educational Needs.

Partnership with other agencies

Whenever the need arises the will seek an advise and intervention of the other agencies. It the specialists will be coming to the Nursery to work with particular child- the DBS will be checked and agreement, between the Nursery, parent and SEN specialist) will be signed before letting to work with a child.


To meet the needs of all our children in our care it may be necessary at times to share information with parents and with staff in order to support the children’s development. Nursery will work closely with parents and outside agencies for guidance and support and will make careful and regular observations, recordings and reports in order to identify special needs. All information will be on a need to know basis and the parent’s permission will be requested.