Food and drink policy


Young children can often have strong preferences for one type of food or another, and may show signs of allergy towards certain foods.

To ensure that food meets the requirements of the maximum number of children and that it is of the highest quality the following procedures will be followed:

  • All food will be checked at the time of use to ensure that it is not past its use by(or best before) date.
  • A similar alternative to the main meal will be provided for children who are not permitted to eat meat made from soya or vegetables.
  • No food with nuts or traces of nuts will be used.
  • Any other specific dietary requirements are a matter for agreement between the nursery and the parents.


The Welfare Food Scheme enables children under five to receive free of charge 189 ml of milk for each day they attend approved day care facilities for two hours or more. This Nursery would apply for to participate in the scheme in order that children in our care may benefit from it.


Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Meals and snacks

A choice of hot lunches, including a vegetarian option, followed by fruit, yogurt or a cooked pudding, is prepared daily.

Most dietary requirements may be accommodated, for example, vegetarian preferences and omission of disliked foods.

However, if we are unable to cater for special diets, such as, religious diets and allergy diets, parents are free to supply a packed lunch instead if they prefer.

All children receive a mid-morning and mid-afternoon drink and a light tea is prepared by the nursery chef each morning.

It’s our policy not to provide any food that contains nuts to the children.

All nursery meals meet with OFSTED| (Office for Standards in Education)| requirements.