Complaint policy


It is clearly of paramount importance that the nursery should run smoothly and parents and staff work together in a spirit of co-operation in the children’s best interests. In the event of complaints from either staff or parents every effort will be made to respond quickly and appropriately and the following procedure will be followed:

  • If a parent feels that he/she has cause for complaint they should either speak to a qualified member of staff or the proprietor or officer in charge.
    Where a complaint is made to the staff the officer in charge/proprietor should be informed immediately.
  • The officer in charge or proprietor will respond to any complaint as quickly as possible. They will talk with staff and parents to overcome the problem.
  • Complaints will be recorded and dated in the Complaints Book.
  • After a complaint has been resolved the final outcome will be written in the Complaints Book. Any recommendations for changes in procedure will be made and noted against the complaints policy.
  • It is clearly understood that parents have the right to phone Ofsted after talking to the nursery staff if they feel that they have not received a satisfactory response to their complaint.
  • Complaints by a member of staff will be dealt with by the officer in charge immediately.