Care of Pets Policy


Pets can help meet the emotional needs of children and adults. Caring for pets also gives children the opportunity to learn how to be gentle and responsible for others and is part of their educational programme.

Procedures for keeping pets on the Nursery premises

  • Before buying any pets for the Nursery they must have permission from the Nursery Manager. The pets must be suitable and safe for the nursery setting.
  • Allergies– Before any pets can be brought to the nursery playroom Senior Staff will ensure that there are no children within the nursery setting who may have an allergy to the animal being purchased. To help control any allergies the pets should be confined to a limited area, this helps with cleaning.
  • An appointed member of staff should have overall responsibility for the care and welfare of the nursery pet.
  • Keep your pets clean.
  • Pets living quarters should be cleaned regularly and waste disposed of in appropriate manner. Staff responsible for cleaning pet quarters must wear aprons and gloves.
  • Always ensure that children and staff have thoroughly washed their hands using soap after touching animals or cleaning their quarters.

Procedures for pets visiting our establishment

  • Before arranging any visits of animals to the nursery please get permission from the manager.
  • Parental permission should be sought for children to observe, touch animals prior to visit.
  • Keep visiting pets to an allocated area of the playroom to reduce any allergies, easy cleaning up etc.
  • Make sure the children are introduced to the animals in a quiet, controlled setting.
  • Nursery staff must always be present when children are being shown any animals.
  • All children and adults should wash their hands thoroughly after contact with animals.

In the event of an emergency

  • Remove the animal to a secure place away from the children.
  • Keep children calm and safe.
  • Notify parents at once.
  • Seek medical assistance immediately if needed.