Nursery Fees Policy

The daily nursery fee is £56/£53. If parents need early morning it is going to cost extra (15 min – £2, 30min – £3). Children’s three meals and two snacks are included into the price. Parents who get government funded hours have to pay for meals, because meals are not included into the price. The daily cost for meals – £4.50.

On registering a child with the nursery, a contracting parent will sign to say they agree with the nursery policy on fee payment.

Fees are payable 1 week in advance, and deposit is for 2 weeks. Every child may use the opportunity to have 2 free of charge weeks per year for holidays.

The second child from the same family receives %30 discount. (Lower fee)

Where a parent suggests that a fee due will be paid by the other parent, the parent is immediately reminded of the contracting parent’s regulations. The nursery will, of course, accept payment from the other parent, but if payment is not made on time it is the contracting parent to whom the nursery will turn, in accordance with the contracting parent policy.

In all cases fees are payable weekly by the 1st day of the week in advance, and cover all sessions for which the child is enrolled – including any sessions not attended by the child for instance due to illness.

In case of child’s long-lasting illness, payment for the first week will be full, for second week- half, and the third week of illness is free. Note or information about child’s health from the doctor is necessary if the Parents wish to have a discount for prolonged absence caused by illness.

 Funding Available

There are a number of funding options to help parents/carers with childcare costs.

Parents may use one of the following schemes:

  • Tax-free childcare- for working families
  • Universal credit- for working families
  • Tax credit- for working families


Any one of the schemes can be used with Free Hours of Childcare

  • For 2 year olds– for families getting certain government support (15 hours free childcare)
  • For 3&4 year olds– for all families (15 hours free childcare)
  • For 3&4 year olds – for working families (30 hours free childcare)


For full details visit:


 Late and Non Payment of Fees Policy

The nursery would try to avoid any situation which would lead to a dispute between the nursery and the parent over the late payment or, in extreme cases, non-payment of fees.

The parents must understand that non-payment of fees may jeopardise the place.

We accept payments to our Nursery bank account, and in very rare acasions, in cash.

Our Tresurer Svetlana Karpaviciene sugests to do transver on Monday, that on Friday the payment should be seen on our bank online account. If on Friday your payment will not be found- you will receive reminder. If the full fee will not reach the account till next Friday (£0 balance) – you will be charged £5 pound of fine.

If the payment has not been settled in full in 4 weeks the Nursery can then demand that the parents of the child withdraw the nursery place until all monies have been settled in full.

After 8 weeks of Non-payment court proceedings will be initiated. All legal and court costs will be included in the final bill amount outstanding including any tracing fees.

If parent’s at any time experience payment difficulties please talk to the

Nursery Manager, who will endeavour to help with any situation,

If the child no longer wish to use the place, parents must agree to give one months notice of their intention to leave and should understand that they will be required to pay the fees due during the whole notice period or may deside that last two weeks can be free of charge just to return deposit money.

The fees may be subject to periodic reviews, increases will be notified at least one month in advance.

 Deposit Policy

The Nursery, accepting the child for the place, is asking for a 2 weeks deposit, which must be paid as soon as possible before the first full day in the Nursery. This is how Nursery Moksliukas secure the place for a child and are not going to offer a place to another one. Nursery Moksliukas is going to ask to fill a security deposit form when the deposit payment will be done in advance.

The amount of deposit depends on the number of scheduled to attend days per week, e.g. if the child comes to the Nursery for five days- parents pay 10 days’ deposit, if the child attends 3 days – the deposit will be the size of 6 days.

If during the year the parents wish to change a number of attended days, they will be asked to add the rest of the sum to the deposit to cover the full price of the deposit of 2 weeks.