Inclusion Policy

Vision Statement:

Nursery Moksliukas is committed to promoting equal opportunities. We value diversity and encourage respect, fairness and justice. We strive for equal chances for everyone, to learn, work and play, free from discrimination and victimisation. We will combat discrimination. We will help overcome discriminatory barriers.

 In seeking to achieve this vision, we will strive to: 

  • Encourage equality of opportunity for all and actively promote good relations.
  • Eliminate any conditions, procedures, practice, stereotypical images or individual behaviour that can lead to discrimination, even where there was no intent to discriminate, with particular regard to: Race; Gender; Disability; Sexuality; Age; Religion and Belief
  • Recognise that individuals may experience disadvantage on more than one level.
  • Operate a curriculum, which includes activities to encourage children to respect all people’s cultural background and beliefs.

An inclusive curriculum

  • Including and planning activities and celebrations relating to a wide range of equal opportunity issues, including ethnicity, religion, culture, family backgrounds, disabilities, gender, home language, special needs:  telling stories, listening to music and looking at pictures and videos with emphasis on equal opportunities.
  • Modifying activities or providing additional equipment or materials to ensure no one is excluded and that every child feels secure, included and valued.
  • Supporting children to participate in all activities and experiences, visits and discussion.
  • Ensuring that all children are listened to carefully and with respect.
  • Acknowledging that familiar experiences are to be used as a starting point for learning.
  • Treating each child as an individual and plan for their individual needs.
  • Aim to provide an environment which promotes and encourages self-confidence and self-belief.